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Japan's chefs and shokunin are the quintessential expression of Japanese culture.

As a restaurant consultant, Fazzari represents large companies, luxury restaurants and independent Japanese chefs and shokunin interested in opening additional restaurants abroad. Her unique experience as a Tokyo resident, James Beard Award-winning photographer and author have afforded Fazzari deep knowledge of Japanese culture and Japan's culinary world. She negotiates and advises on most areas of top tier restaurant creation including food, design, service and branding. For more information, please contact Andrea.


The interior of Sazenka, a Michelin 3 star restaurant in Minamiazabu, Tokyo.
Masahiro Yoshitake

My latest project:

at 550 Madison
New York, New York

Opening in 2025, Sushi Yoshitake will be located in the iconic 550 Madison building in Midtown Manhattan. Acclaimed Ginza-based Michelin starred sushi shokunin Masahiro Yoshitake will create an incomparable dining experience in an unparalleled setting.

Read more about Masahiro Yoshitake in my James Beard finalist coffee table book: 

Sushi Shokunin: Japan's Culinary Masters. 

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