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Imagined, photographed and written by Andrea Fazzari. Published by ASSOULINE. Release date 9.23.2023.

From captivating movies and novels to avant-garde fashion and refined cuisine, Tokyo has been a source of inspiration for generations. Celebrating the beauty of everything the city has to offer, this edition is testament to the allure of the Japanese capital and pays tribute to its eye-catching architecture, talented and dynamic residents, sought-after food scene and unmatched sense of style.

Narrated and imagined by Andrea Fazzari, this volume is the latest addition to Assouline’s signature Chic Series. A Tokyo resident for years, she takes all travel enthusiasts on an imaginary itinerary through the city’s eclectic neighborhoods, making us discover new and unexpected personalities along the way.

Hard cover. Silk bound. 310 pages.

©Andrea Fazzari 2024

"The brainchild of Andrea Fazzari, whose deft imagery and words are love letters to the inimitable capital, Tokyo Chic showcases a massively enthralling - yet strikingly intimate - city. What a sophisticated guide [Andrea is] to have at your armchair traveler's fingertips!"- Forbes


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Sushi Shokunin reviewed in Vogue
Sushi Shokunin in Esquire






James Beard Award Finalist

Photographed, written and co-designed by Andrea Fazzari. Published by ASSOULINE. Release date 9.24.2020.

This is a first-of-its-kind monograph that delves into the private worlds of twenty of Japan's most acclaimed sushi artisans and their spiritual devotion to craft. Through Fazzari's photography and humanist stories, discover the poetry inherent in the lives of these culinary artists, and the central role of ikigai - dedication to a singular purpose. These usually inaccessible ambassadors of Japanese culture reveal what has driven them to the top of their profession in candid and surprising detail.

Hard cover. Silk bound, 280 pages



©Andrea Fazzari 2024

"...I can dream, can’t I? And that’s what Sushi Shokunin felt like every time I picked it up, which was often. This book felt like a dream of beauty and pleasure. Someday I’ll get to Japan, damn it." - Esquire


James Beard Award Winner 2019

31 Chefs Defining Japan's Next Generation

Written, photographed and co-designed by Andrea Fazzari. Published by Penguin Random House (Ten Speed Press). Released on March 13, 2018.


Showcasing the new talent of Tokyo's vibrant food scene, James Beard Award Winner Andrea Fazzari's Tokyo New Wave profiles 31 chefs who are shaping the future of one of the world's most dynamic cities.


"Fazzari employs all of her skills as a writer, photographer, and dining consultant living in Japan in this insightful look at the current Tokyo food scene. . . . Tokyo New Wave is a unique book, and in Fazzari’s hands, Tokyo’s culinary culture comes to life." -- Publishers Weekly 

©Andrea Fazzari 2024

The Luxury Collection
Destination Guides

Photographed and narrated by Andrea Fazzari


"The Luxury Collection has paired with publisher Assouline and Andrea Fazzari to create a series of exclusive destination guides for the guest rooms of its hotels and resorts around the world. The pocket-size books, which now cover six destinations (Argentina, Greece, India, Italy, Spain, and the U.S.), are packed with history, shopping and dining recommendations, and insights from famous locals. But it’s the words and stunning photography by Andréa Fazzari (a frequent T+L contributor) that makes these beautifully bound books travel keepsakes."

- Travel + Leisure Magazine

Luxury Collection Guides by Andrea Fazzari for The Luxury Collection

The Cocktail Culture of Italy

Photographed, styled and co-designed by Andrea Fazzari


"Filled with stunning photographs of Italian street scenes, restaurant and bar serving staff and, of course, foods and aperitivos, this gorgeous book,  Aperitivo gives us the recipes and preparations for Italy’s famed cocktails and accompanying foods."

- The San Francisco Book Review

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