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What is it like to live in Tokyo? I offer personal consulting to share my insight and knowledge about living here as a solo woman. I will help you make the decision to finally move to Tokyo or another country. I have traveled to ninety, and have lived in seven on my own.

Upon moving to a country I am usually asked all kinds of things such as "Who does that?" "Won't you feel lonely?" "Why would you move to the other side of the world to a country where you don't even know anyone and don't speak the language?" "Are you sure?" "You're brave!" "I could never do that." "Are you moving there because of your husband or boyfriend?" "You must be going there for love." "You're crazy!" It is not so common for a woman to move solo to various countries,  but it is interesting how the very topic evokes such reactions from people, some who don't even know me.

I doubt that men are asked if they are moving abroad because of their girlfriends or wives, or are told that they will probably feel lonely. Countering this line of questioning and the notion of what choices a woman should make is something I am proud to do.

I look forward to sharing my story and inspiring others to make a leap and change their lives by living abroad.  Let me help you grow and achieve your goals. We will start with an hour long conversation over the phone or in person. Ask me whatever you would like from the philosophical to the practical.