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At A Unique Tailored To You Cooking School in Tokyo

If you are a professional chef or amateur home cook, consider intensive cooking classes in Tokyo with expert Japanese chefs and English-speaking staff. Conveniently located in the center of the city, this boutique cooking school is different, tailoring their courses entirely to your particular needs. Would you like to focus on one type of cuisine like Shojin Ryori (plant - based cuisine), Soba, Tempura or Sushi? Or perhaps you would you like to learn about fermentation and specific ingredients like miso, abalone or bonito. Just about anything is possible at this cooking school...

Shojin Ryori


Sushi (nigiri)

Expertise and Bespoke Service

Andrea's attentive friends will take care of you with their expertise, exceptional bespoke service and planning. The course duration varies, depending on what you or your staff would like to achieve. Email us for a referral and to discuss your needs and interests in detail. 

*Courses are open to professional chefs, their staff, or amateur home cooks:

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