I offer different types of Dining Consulting. Please choose from these three options:


Would you like to pick my brain about Tokyo food culture, or Japan in general? I can share my insights with you.


2. IMPROVE THE DINING EXPERIENCE AT YOUR RESTAURANT with my cultivated  knowledge and perspective developed over a lifetime of dining at the  finest restaurants and hotels on six continents. Most recently, I have been living in Tokyo.

As a discerning diner with a unique background in fashion, film, and photography, I notice the smallest details in any environment. I know how the best and most successful dining experience should flow - from the moment a client arrives to the end of the meal - and the elements that make a restaurant memorable and special. My sensitivity and acumen will improve your restaurant's functionality, identity, and guest experience, attracting more diners and raising its profile.

Among the areas I address with you are:


Staff training

Staff uniforms and appearance

Website improvement

Ceramics choices

Music selection

Restaurant name selection

Decor improvement

Restaurant functionality

Details that will improve the guest experience

3. POTENTIAL BUSINESS AND EVENT COLLABORATIONS with TOKYO CHEFS. If you are looking for more information about working with Tokyo chefs, the subject of my book Tokyo New Wave, and my upcoming book in 2020, this consult is for you. I will help you find the right Tokyo based chef to serve as an advisor for your restaurant outside Japan, or as a partner in a dinner collaboration event.

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